Content Writing

ONE MOMENT offer quality based and affordable content writing services catering to a wide range of industrial sectors and various market-related segments which include:

Website Content Writing: Website content is essential to building your online brand. The relevance of the website content on your portal is absolutely critical to ensure your success levels in getting relevant traffic to your website, both through advertisements and through search engine optimization, as well as other organic methods. Our services can:

1. Thoroughly research your area of operations
2. Exactly understand your business and marketing goals
3. Create and develop contents which satisfy and meet your business goals and objectives
4. Ensure the web content is search engine optimized and uniquely developed to target your intended audience in the most precise manner

Travel Content Writing: Unlike the creation of website content, narrating a travel story that includes a vivid and rich experience in a person’s mind is definitely not a cinch, and writing such a narration needs a great deal of experience, expertise, as well as skills. An impressive travel article includes a stimulating story written specially to woo the readers and to transport them to exotic tourist destinations which often reside in a person’s mind. It’s important to include the nitty-gritty of your desired travel destination as well as the finer aspects of travel related activities so the reader can peep into the unknown. Our travel writing services offer:

1. Destination profiles and reviews
2. Travelogues
3. Hotel profiles and reviews
4. Travel packages and products description and reviews
5. Any other travel related writing

SEO Content Writing (Blogs, Articles, And Case Studies): Search engine optimized writing requires a special talent since it involves targeting specific keywords and focusing on business promotions at the same time. Moreover, you need contents that are original and meant for the readers, rather than search engine approvals. We create optimized articles, blogs, and case studies that are in tune with accepted SEO norms and practices, and are yet search engine friendly. The search engine rankings availed through our article, blog, and case study are stable and last longer. We can:

1. Target generic, long tail, location specific, and standard SEO keywords
2. Achieve higher search engine rankings
3. Increase site visits and goal conversion
4. Target specific market segments to generate localized traffic

Press Release Writing: Our press release content creation services can help achieve a better online reputation for your company and we aim at making your business avail the recognition and visibility it correctly deserves. The releases are SEO optimized and specially developed for targeting your online presence, and increasing your online visibility. We provide services for:

1. Carrying out the required background research and information gathering activities
2. Creation, revision, and editing of unique press releases
3. Online submission and distribution across press release and news sharing websites
4. Research Papers And Academic Writing: As a content provider associated with research and academics, we undertake writing and proofreading activities related to academic papers, journals, and research papers. We do the necessary research and gather information to create composed and refined drafts which can command attention as well as appreciation through the correct mix of right information, impeccable grammar, and apt writing style.
5. Brochures and Manuals Writing: We undertake brochure and manuals drafting and writing as per customer needs and preferences. Whether it includes preparing manuals or brochures for products, services, or event promotions, we do it all as per requirements.

Newsletter writing: ONE MOMENT newsletter writing services allow businesses to reach out to their current and potential customers. We draft newsletters which are clear, concise, and correct. We fine-tune the aesthetics and visual aspects of newsletters, right from fonts to color options and choices. A monthly email newsletter is a great way to reach out to current as well as potential clients, and we provide cost-effective and convenient newsletter writing services. Our newsletters include clear call to actions which are great for generating new online businesses.

1. We create newsletters and online content which have the clarity necessary to convey the important points to the online audience. The information provided should not be vague or be lacking in quality.
2. In the print media, lengthy newsletters are a plus point. However, as far as the world of email marketing is concerned, “less” is “more”. Our newsletter writing services provide the flexibility of a word count which suits your budget. We offer crisp and clean textual matter.
3. To be really effective, the newsletters must be professional in nature and include sound mechanics. The spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and capitalization must be flawless.

Events Writing: Identifying, arranging, and creating the chain of events to form a complete link is essential to ensure the readability and meaningfulness of a particular occasion or activity. It is essential to maintain the chain of events, and present an hour-by-hour history of a public or private activity, business-related workshop, or a social event function. Unlike news events content writing, event writing includes a combination of factual matter coupled with emotions and feelings experienced by individuals participating in the particular activity. Companies and business entities prefer to showcase their events and functions to people worldwide, and one of the best ways of doing it is to go online and be a part of the social media groups and reach out to people through online contents and presentations.